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Aster and Mallow is an idea I dreamt up whist doing the night feeds with my daughters. When both my girls arrived I really felt that compared to the love and support I'd received when pregnant, I was suddenly invisible to the World and all that really mattered was that beautiful little bundle of joy. Like many Mums I had been through the most physically gruelling experience of my life, bringing that little human into the world and yet everyone asked how the baby was feeding and sleeping or how my older daughter was adapting to the arrival of her younger sister. Very few people actually asked, 'how are you?'

I believe that Mums matter too. You're all incredible and do amazing and wonderful things everyday and you deserve to feel fantastic. Motherhood is, for so many people, the biggest joy they ever experience but also the toughest thing they will ever do. So we've created a range of luxury clothing and skincare for Mums, designed specifically with you in mind, to make you feel seen and valued, but most of all to make you feel great!

So come and be a part of our 'mother hood' and let us look after you, while you look after everyone else.

With love, 


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